How The Zone Technique works: 

There are only six kinds of disturbances that can affect the human body. These are GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVOUS, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR, and CIRCULATORY. All diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to one or more of the above disturbances to the body’s 6 systems or Zones.

Within the brain there are centres which control each of the 6 Zones: the glandular system, the eliminative system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the muscular system and the circulatory/lymphatic system. Any one of these centres can be disturbed due to the effect of emotional, physical, or chemical stress. This will cause the entire Zone to be out of balance.

The Zone practitioner examines the client to determine which of the brain centres are not in harmony with the systems they control. This is done by the Zone practitioner feeling specific points on the client's head. These points are related to the six brain centres by nerve connections. When a brain centre is not sending the proper signals to its system, all bodily material associated with that system suffers. In order to correct this, the zone practitioner stimulates specific points in the spinal cord.

Because the body may be properly classified as an ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, these six brain centers represent the POSITIVE POLE of the body, and specific related points in the spinal cord represent the NEGATIVE POLE of the body. When there is a disturbance in any of the bodily areas, one or more of these centres are “shorted out." 

Stimulation of the proper points by the Zone practitioner sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain centres that need balancing. The balanced brain centres then are able to send out the proper signals to the body’s systems and the body is better able to heal itself.

​Cost:  ​$45 per session

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The Six Zones of the Human Body