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After retirement in 1997, a twist of fate propelled me into the field of energy healing. Learning Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Hawaiian Huna Healing, and NeuroLinguistic Programming, then using these to help people filled me with joy. Work in a local hospital as a Palliative Care volunteer and Reki practitioner added more richness. In 2001 I became a Reiki Teacher and could bring the gift of healing hands to others.

In 2004 I met Malcolm Ringwalt of Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing and learned the power of the Vision Quest. After completing my own personal Quest, I trained as a Vision Quest Protector, then took several Advanced Protector classes, Seven Levels of Quest, Spiritual Mentoring, The Training, Being Human, The Purity of Oneness, and participated in a 42 Day Retreat with Malcolm. In 2013 I became a teacher of the Protector Training Course. Questing remains close to my heart for spiritual growth.

Classes at Tracker School with Tom Brown Jr. in the teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf increased my awareness of the spiritual dimensions and instilled in me a valuing of the simple purity of Grandfather’s vision.

I was then led to a teacher of healing in the lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, Karl Direske of wildernessFusion. In 2012 I was accepted as a Niasziih practitioner after completing four years of training and having made a formal commitment to walk the path of the healer.

Feeling I had completed a phase of expansion, I opened myself to whatever new direction might come. Instantly Jikiden Reiki, an original Japanese style of Reiki, appeared in my life. The simplicity and purity of this method was very appealing, so I trained and became certified as a Shihan Kaku (junior teacher) in this lineage.

My passion is to help people come to know themselves, to heal, and to discover their purpose. A shared vision with my partner, Chuck, led to the creation of Heron Walk Healing Centre, where we facilitate sweat lodges, teach, and see clients.

Blessed by the closeness of family, my life is enriched by six grandchildren. I count myself lucky to live on a beautiful property in unique Elgin County, where my spare time is devoted to learning and working with local herbs. Occasionally I find time to travel north for canoeing and hiking adventures with family and friends.

I started in the martial arts in the mid nineteen eighties and when I received my black belt in Karate I saw a Steven Seagal movie where his sensei told him, “now that you are a black belt you have learned how to hurt people, it is now time for the hard part, you now have to learn to heal people”. This statement had a very profound effect on me so since 1992 I have been actively working with healing energies such as Therapeutic Touch, Jikiden Reiki, Intuitive Pressure Point work, and Ceremonial Healing.

Since 1999 I have taken numerous courses in Healing, Awareness, Tracking, Survival, Wilderness Philosophy and Ceremony at Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School in New Jersey. Ever since I took my first Ceremony class I have realized a passion for Ceremony as a method of healing. Since then I have facilitated over one hundred Sweat Lodges and hundreds of Pipe, Drum and Feather Ceremonies. The 50 plus courses that I have taken at the Tracker School have given me the Vision of my place in this world and the confidence to follow this Vision.

I had the good fortune of meeting Malcolm Ringwalt of
Malcolm Ringwalt's Earth-Heart in 1999. Since then I have completed several Vision Quests, the Vision Quest Protector class, Protector Teacher Training class, Advanced Protector classes, Seven Levels of Quest class, Spiritual Mentoring, The Training, Being Human, The Purity of Oneness and have done a 42 Day Retreat with him.

I was fortunate to be able to apprentice for 4 years as a Traditional Healer in Grandfather Stalking Wolf's methods of healing: Niasziih. In 2012 I was also accepted by Karl Direske of wildernessFusion as a Niasziih practitioner after making a formal commitment to walk the path of the healer.

My healing path took another turn when I heard of Jikiden Reiki. I was very excited when I heard of this form of Reiki and knew right away that I needed to become a practitioner and teacher in this method. This is the original form of Reiki which comes directly from the founder Mikao Usui sensei. This lineage passed from Usui sensei to Hayashi sensei to Chyoko sensei. Chyoko sensei's son Tadao sensei continues to teach and promote this original form of Reiki and travels to Canada on a regular basis. Since hearing about Jikiden Reiki I have traveled to the East and West coast of Canada and become a Shihan (teacher) which allows me to teach students to both the Shoden and Okuden levels.

I have had a healing practice for many years and have volunteered at local hospitals and Wellspring in London Ontario. This has brought me to the understanding that my Vision is: “To become the best healer that I can be.” 

Sandy, my family, grandchildren, and community are a very important part of my life and I strive each day to become a better partner, father, grandfather, and healer.

When time permits I like to putter in my woodworking shop and build drums.