These Seven Levels of Quest encompass the total knowledge and experience of the Vision Quest. More than that, they have the power to lift ordinary, daily life experience from the mundane and physical to the height of spiritual clarity and enlightenment. They are based on teachings passed down from Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache Elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt. This class is well balanced between lecture time and individual experiential time.

With the understanding and the practices of the Quests, no facet of life remains outside your spiritual growth and Vision. Better yet, these Quests are easily fitted into your daily life. There is no need to go off into the woods for a week or more to work with them. In fact, they are better suited to an active lifestyle.

Everyday experiences, whether painful and difficult or exciting and joyful, become grist for the mill on the spiritual path. These Quests are not static practices, but are dynamic and evolving, keeping pace with the spiritual growth and evolution of your life.

The first level of Quest is called the Vision Quest and the other six Quests are experiences and movements within awareness that can be directly cultivated and that are embedded within the first Quest. If you did enough Vision Quests you would eventually discover each of these Quests–perhaps after between 20 to 30 Quests. This class is designed to save you time on your spiritual journey and teach you to use the Quests in an active lifestyle.

Prerequisite: No prerequisite is required for this workshop.

Suggested Donation: $800.00**.   A $300.00 non refundable deposit is due on registration.

To register or for more information, contact â€‹Sandy, text us at 519-550-2736, or phone 519-266-6152.

**This donation is not payment for the teachings, but covers the many expenses incurred in running this program, such as meals, land rental, supplies, travel expenses, insurance, taxes, etc., that enable us to continue to offer this program to those who are called to it. Further, it is a measure of your commitment to what you are undertaking and a measure of respect for your guides and teachers of the experience.**

Seven Levels of Quest