​The Jikiden Reiki Association of Canada aims at creating a network of Jikiden Reiki teachers and practitioners who facilitate quality training and quality treatments in Canada. It was founded in 2010.​

​All programs, run by Malcolm Ringwalt, focus on a holistic, mind/body/spirit approach to health, healing, and personal growth. All of his programs, whether in beautiful retreat centers, or in the woods where camping is required, utilize the healing power of nature in the work he does.​


Christine Dennis

“I am a Medical Herbalist with a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. I have been working with people like you for over 20 years to help improve their health and their quality of life. I have a clinical holistic medicine practice that I run from my home on an organic farm near Port Burwell, Ontario.

​​​​Rebel Roots Herb Farm is a small family farm with a huge passion for growing quality medicinal herbs on our land in Grey County, Ontario.  Using our hands we start the seeds, tend the gardens, harvest the herbs, and package them.  No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used, resulting in a healthier ecosystem and products that we can stand behind with pride. We’re confident that you’ll notice a difference in our herbs and herbal extracts with the freshness, vitality, and overall quality.

​Earth Tracks strives to foster a deep connection to the Earth, encourage self awareness and help develop a sense of place in today's world.​

​​Sticks and Stones Wilderness School is Ontario’s home for wilderness skills training and stewardship education. Teaching you to learn from nature, our programs are designed to help you practically integrate wilderness wisdom into your own life. Enabling you to give back and teach your own community, through the universal skills and cycles of nature.

​The Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai was cofounded by Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Tadao Yamaguchi. Mr. Yamaguchi and Jikiden Reiki teachers or shihans taught by the Yamaguchis and Frank Arjava Petter are currently teaching Jikiden Reiki seminars worldwide. Tadao Yamaguchi's highly recommended book Light on the Origins of Reiki: A Handbook for Practicing the Original Reiki of Usui and Hayashi gives a Japanese spiritual, historical and cultural context to the practice and origins of Reiki in Japan and in the world today.