“Reiki is compassion in action” - Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei

Jikiden Reiki Healing

Jikiden means 'directly passed down'. The Jikiden Reiki Healing Method we offer comes directly from Japan and re-introduces some aspects that were lost in the transition to the west. Reiki is an energy healing art that works for both physical and emotional aspects of disease by reactivating the natural healing ability that humans originally possessed. The practitioner transmits energy to the receiver by simply laying on hands. Chuck and Sandy have been trained as practitioners by Gabrielle Gietzen, Dai-Shihan, and as teachers by Tadao Yamaguchi sensei who is in direct lineage from Usui sensei through Tadao’s mother Chiyoko Yamaguchi sensei and Hayashi sensei. We have been energy healers for twenty plus years and have studied a variety of healing methods. Working as a team in each session brings a balance of masculine/feminine energies to the treatment.

Hayashi sensei used the following metaphor: “When you look at the surface of the water (in a stream) it looks clean and clear. However when you stir it the mud from the bottom is brought to the surface making the water cloudy and muddy. If you remove the mud floating on the surface the stream will appear to be clear although some mud will have sunk back down to the bottom.Repeat this process enough times and the muddy stream will eventually be reborn as a clear one. By the same process Reiki stirs and removes toxins from our system.”

Chuck and Sandy have experience working with a wide range of ailments and have had success helping people with anything from wounds and strains to stress related symptoms, migraine headache, cancer, pain, conception difficulties, stroke recovery, broken bones, infections and others. Reiki is always beneficial, not only for those who are in poor health but also for healthy people to maintain their health.


​1 session  $90.00

​4 sessions $300.00

8 sessions $550.00

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