Gateway to the Shaman Within

This course is the first and the prerequisite in a series which will cover the philosophy by which Grandfather Stalking Wolf lived his life, as well as what he taught to Tom Brown Jr. during their 10 years together. Grandfather Stalking Wolf, a shaman and holy man, found many truths common to all mankind throughout his six plus decades of extensive wanderings. It is the combination and distillation of these common truths that are covered in this, and subsequent, Gateway classes.

In this class we will focus on

  • Nature Awareness Practices
  • Physical Awareness Practices
  • Force/Energetic Practices
  • Spiritual Awareness Exercises including Ceremony

Your teachers, Matthias Grusz , Chuck Stratton and Sandy Masse are long time students of Tom Brown Jr. Matthias has followed the path of the scout/healer and Chuck and Sandy have followed the philosophy/healing/ceremony path. Both have taught for many years and have been inspired to pool their knowledge to bring this class to our community.

This class is important to those of us that are healers of the Earth and can be easily integrated into our daily lives. All of these teachings can bring you to a higher level of consciousness, where you can become acutely aware of all around you that needs your spiritual attention.

Location:              To be announced.

Dates:                   6 PM May 3 to 4 PM May 9, 2019.

Cost:                      $700.00 CDN, meals included

To register or for more information, email us at, text us at 519-550-2736, or phone 519-266-6152.