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​Drums For Sale

​Each of our drums are custom made for the individual that has requested it, for this reason it could take three to four weeks to fill an order. We also have some ready made drums so check back often to see what's available.

Our drums heads are made from deer hides and the frames are made from high quality pine, cedar, mahogany or walnut. All of our drums are very durable and best of all, light in weight so your arm doesn't get tired when you want to drum for extended periods of time. The drums range in size from 10 inches to 18 inches and we can make them 8 sided, 12 sided or 13 sided, whichever you prefer.

We take pride in making and honoring each and every drum that is built here at Heron Walk and no drum will ever be built unless all of the builders are in a place of harmony with the materials and their surroundings.

Each drum is awakened to it's highest potential with a drum ceremony which comes to us from Grandfather Stalking Wolf's lineage.